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Baby sling

Useful information

Babywearing – the simplest way to make your baby feel secure

Babies feel safest when snuggled right up against mum or dad’s body. The familiar womb-like feeling helps her grow gradually into her new life. Babywearing creates a trusting connection. Warmth and movement create a sense of wellbeing.

Baby im TragetuchHer muscles and spine get exercise, as does her sense of balance. Children who are carried are often more well-adjusted, as they can take part in family life from their protected position. In the Storchenwiege® baby sling your baby can always adopt the ideal posture: her legs slightly splayed in a squatting (“frog”) position, her back rounded. That is the position she took in the womb; her spine straightens out gradually over the course of her first year. Proper babywearing helps her body develop healthily, in particular her spine and her hips. Last but not least, babywearing is practical – you have both hands free for her brothers or sisters, or to get on with everyday life. Stairs, boarding the bus and hiking are no longer an obstacle.

Baby im Tragetuch